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Fish Farm
Kelesidis Dimitrios - Trout Cultivation - Smoked Trout - Veria


The Fish Farm Kelesidis based in Veria offers daily to its customers fresh products, grown and maintained always in good conditions. The company is purely Greek, has a family character and implements a standard development strategy characterized by steady and methodical steps of development, always focusing on human resources and the interest of the consumer.

The purpose of the business is:
     • The provision of high quality services
     • Complete, fast and flexible customer service.


Its goal is to strengthen its position in the Greek market and the development of its network and the rest of Europe. It seeks constant contact with each customer, building relationships of quality and trust. The high level of training, the long-term knowledge of the market and the commitment to the strategic goals and the philosophy of the company, contribute to the provision of high quality services. The capacity of fish farming is at 40 tons per year. The company even has its own technologist-ichthyologist.

Fish Farm kelesidis is open to the public. Many parents choose to come to our fish farm with their children to get their fish fresh, thus combining the knowledge of production with a beautiful trip to nature. In addition, the fish farm Fish Farm kelesidis, receive schools and universities in a specially designed area serving the purposes of their visit.